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Blank Space Magazine | a sectie-c story2019-01-11T17:10:17+00:00

Blank Space Magazine | a sectie-c story

Blank Space Magazine| a sectie-c story

Blank Space magazine is about designers and artists creating new things. Having the oppertunity to develop themselves and to do this on their own terms. In creating this magazine they embraces these values. By coincidence, the seven people behind this magazine got together and created this magazine in a blank space.
Blank Space Magazine is founded by the intrinsic motivation of getting to know the other person. The other person, who is, just like the founders of Blank Space Magazine, a tenant at Sectie-C (Eindhoven-NL). Sectie-C is a creative melting pot, shaped by the designers and artist based on the terrain. With rest materials empty, old factory buildings are turned into partly individual, partly collective workspaces. Completely blank spaces got filled in. In these self-created workspaces individuals are developing themselves to true professionals who’s products, art and services spread worldwide. Sectie-C encourages movement and growth. Exploring the unknow and reflecting on the know. As an individual, but also together as a community.
But who are the faces behind the products, art and services ? What made them to bo the person they are today? What are their motivations, ambitions and desires? How does their working and personal environment encourage their creativity ? Who are they as a person, not only as a designer or artist ?
Blank Space Magazine is about meeting the other person you’re intrigued by and getting to know them on a new level of intimacy. /

Uitgave : Vereniging Sectie-C, Eindhoven
Auteur : Mats Horbach
Vormgeving : Atelier Mats-Anne / Soft Data – Cover : Sander Wassink
Illustraties : Saksia Overzee
Fotografie : Britt Roelse / Maarten Coolen / Saksia Overzee / Manon Vosters / Anniek Mol
Druk :
ISBN : 978-90-829372-0-6
Formaat : 170x240mm
Papier binnenwerk & cover : 80-250 gr/m2 Maestro Print – Offset
160 pagina’s / full-colour / UV-inkt (hoog gepigmenteerd) / garen genaaid/gebonden


Blank Space Magazine | a sectie-c story