Genetic Modification & Sustainable Agriculture


As a daughter of a cauliflower breeder and grandchild of farmers,
I have grown up familiar with various facets of our food
system including development and production. Today’s fruits
and vegetables have been improved by classic breeding, however,
there are differences between what I had seen firsthand
and what was being said in the media and my own surroundings.
This difference revealed a need for a more complete view
on the topic and started the search for a method to do so.

Over the past two years, I read all articles and books related
to genetic modification, sustainable food production and the
food system in general where I could lay my hands on. I have
been inspired to develop my own opinion on the topic of genetic
modification and sustainability as a result of multiplicity
of different opinions on these topics in my own surrounding.
It seemed to me that some of my friends had a very profound
opinion that I couldn’t dispute with good arguments even
though intuitively I knew they were not fully correct.

Throughout my research, I got a better understanding of the
existing assumptions on these topics that I would like to share
with others by guiding people through my research and the
insights I got in the most objective way possible.

I am very grateful to my family and all my friends, tutors and
experts on the topic that kept sharing interesting articles that
brought my research to what it has become.

Uitgave : Mies Loogman, Eindhoven
Tekst editors : Ton Loogman / Kornelia Dimitrova /Clemens van de Wiel
Fotografie : Mies Loogman
Vormgeveing : Mies Loogman
Cover ontwerp : Mies Loogman
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Tweede druk : 2019
ISBN : 978-90-829809-0-5
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Blank Space Magazine #2

Genetic Modification & Sustainable Agriculture