Enicar | Time for a change – Discovering vintage Enicar

Enicar | Time for a change – Discovering vintage Enicar

If you’re not too pressed for time, com along on a journey of discovery, intrique, detail and precision. Follow military personnel, drivers, air crews and racing drivers as they reach the highest heights and sink to the depest depths, never without their trusty Enicar watch.
Established in 1913 and operating for seven decades, this family business created a total of 800,000 products every year during the sixties. A mixture of alarm clocks, wrist watches and time measurment devices were sold in more than 90 countries in Enicar colden decades (1950s – 1970s) but with the quartz crisis, came their inevitable decline.
Author and Enicar enthusiast Martijn van der Ven went back in time to reconstruct the brand’s history. More than 1,500 pages of historic documents and interviews helped him to be as accurate as an Enicar. Now it’s time to (re)discover vintage Enicar for yourself.

Author and publisher : Martijn van der Ven / Tuurlijk
Cover and book designer : Elsika Slováková / Eldesign
Editor : Stefano Capacchione / Puck Creations
Photographers : Geertjan Cornelissen and Nancy Ostermann / Verse Beeldwaren
Maarten Coolen / Maarten Coolen Creating Images
Printing Company : GoedeBoekenDrukker, Eindhoven
First Published : Eindhoven, the Netherlands, December 2019 (first edition)
ISBN : 978-90-9032285-8
Size : 24.5×24.5 mm
Paper interiour : 130 grs. Arctic Volume Ivory, FSC ®
Paper cover : 135 grs. Multi Print, FSC ®

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Enicar book Martijn van der Ven Jeroen Overweg Goedeboekendrukker

Enicar | Time for a change